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[photoshop-beginners] Re: Insight on calibration

Before you do anything else, I think you should calibrate your monitor. The programs which do that aren't expensive, and monitor calibration is quick and easy to do. Unless you've already done that, it's likely that your monitor is far brighter than it should be, for editing images. I use the DataColor program "Spyder3Pro". There's' a newer version, Spyder4Pro, which gives the same results. Unless you're calibrating several different devices and need them all to display exactly the same colors, brightness, saturation, etc, there's no need for more than the basic version.

As for color space - Adobe RGB has a larger color "gamut" - it will display more colors - than sRGB. It's definitely better for prints, if you're a critical viewer. Browsers, and the whole internet I think, still use the old sRGB 1966 color space. It does help to convert from Adobe RGB to sRGB, but for people who are happy with cell phone images I doubt that the difference in color space is critical.

Bill Hansen

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Friends - 

I recently upgraded to PS CC and a new IMac 27 that I'm using to process images. I take all my images in RAW, process with my choice plug ins and they look fantastic on my screen!!! Yay! Then, I downsize and convert to jpeg and send to my phone or Facebook. YUK! They desaturated and sort of washed out. 

Does anyone have any insight as to how I can get my images to look good on my phone like they do in full resolution? 

Greg (Austin)


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