Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Re: [photoshop-beginners] Insight on calibration

That sounds like what happens if you use the Adobe sRGB color space.  I forget what the name is of the color space that most browsers use, but I usually keep PS on that color space.  I don't know enough about the reason to use Adobe sRGB to use it intelligently.

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Friends - 

I recently upgraded to PS CC and a new IMac 27 that I'm using to process images. I take all my images in RAW, process with my choice plug ins and they look fantastic on my screen!!! Yay! Then, I downsize and convert to jpeg and send to my phone or Facebook. YUK! They desaturated and sort of washed out. 

Does anyone have any insight as to how I can get my images to look good on my phone like they do in full resolution? 

Greg (Austin)


Posted by: Rob Richardson <cedriccicada@gmail.com>

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