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RE: [photoshop-beginners] make background transparent

First, the ONLY file display formats that support transparency are GIF, PNG, PSD (of, course) and possibly TIF.  JPG does NOT support transparency, which is a good thing. JPG is a lossy format, meaning that each time you save it, after editing, the data in the file is changed, how much depends on the quality setting. What this means is that if you had gotten the transparency perfect in a JPG, if you edit it then save it, edit it some more, and save it, you will have messed up the transparency.


Obviously to do what you want is going to take some work.  What you do is start by making the original selection, you will then switch to 'Quick Mode', hit "q" key and then edit the selection.  You do this by painting over the quick mask. The red overlay is your mask it covers what is protected. You edit it with the paint brush, white erases the mask, Black paints the mask.  You will probably have to zoom in to get accuracy. 


BTW, if the mask covers the wrong area, hit "q" to get the marching ants again, then select "Shift-Ctrl-I", this inverts the selection. When you hit the "q" key again you will see the mask now covers what you want protected.




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As far as I can tell, you can do that only if you select it all and place it into a new PSD document that has a transparent background. I wonder, is there a way to open a JPG and then do some magic command to make it a transparent background? That way, I could delete the white, etc... I don't know. I can always have a transparent background in a PSD file but not just a plain ol jpg. I wish there was an easy way to do what I want. The magic wand always seems to select stuff I don't want to select, so it deletes parts of the picture I don't want to delete. Even when I've tried various percentages of magic wand.
I was trying to create a transparent background without having to open it, save it as a PSD source file...
My problem is my scanner, when I scan something, the background comes out gray. I've tried all sorts of adjustments. It would be so nice if I didn't have to edit the pictures to remove the gray background...

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If you open your jpg, double click on its layer (called background), you can then use the magic wand to select the white background and delete it. The rest is then left w a transparent background. You'd want to save that result as a png





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