Monday, August 15, 2016

[photoshop-beginners] Re: Photoshop vs Elements

Now that Elements supports layers, it's well worth trying the program. It's interface has always appeared slightly simplistic to me, but it's an easy interface to learn, and PSE seems to have all the features a photographer would need. If I were in your position, I would give it a trial.

When Adobe Photoshop itself began to require a subscription (you can actually still buy the program, but they make it almost impossible to find that option), I spent a few weeks trying to learn how to use Lightroom. This was my second or third trial of Lightroom, and I still did not like the program, which (as far as I know) still does not support layers, as such. It uses a "paintbrush" approach to adjusting the image, instead of layers. But the real disadvantage of Lightroom, for me, is the necessity to use its "Libraries", which seem to be very intrusive and cumbersome, for a person who "just" wants to process images.

After my sadly wasted time with Lightroom, I submitted to Adobe and subscribed to the Creative Cloud for $99/year. I have to admit that the CC is a very good alternative. It's even cheaper than upgrading a PS subscription every year or two. I'm not glad that I can't have a disk containing PS, but I'm happy with the annual upgrades of PS - and if I ever want to learn Lightroom, it comes "free" with a CC subscription.

Back up your images. Keep at least two backup copies, one of them stored somewhere other than the computer.

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