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Re: [Bulk] Re: [photoshop-beginners] justify text

I was referring to how, when you put some text down on a page, you select it and then click on Type > Convert to Paragraph Text.
It is only then that you can select the options to justify it, etc.

I don't usually bother with word, unless I'm forced to.

On 3/25/2015 2:22 PM, 'Beauregard Waller' beauregardw@sbcglobal.net [photoshop-beginners] wrote:

There is no such thing as artistic text vs paragraph text.  A paragraph is simply a formatting style, and it can be designed many ways, hanging text, indented, etc. I think you are simply confusing the idea of   fancy fonts and standard text fonts.  They are all treated the same way.  The thing you have to remember, PS  is NOT Word, that may seem to be obvious, but I have run into this problem as well.  When you    open a Word document, all of the various Justification modes, i.e. Right, Left, Center, et al are based on the center of the text frame. The text frame is contained on the your document page.  PS is different, it does NOT have Justification!  What you think is Justification is simply text alignment around the center of the text.  An Experiment, create a blank document, in the middle write a  long word, like


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