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There is no such thing as artistic text vs paragraph text.  A paragraph is simply a formatting style, and it can be designed many ways, hanging text, indented, etc. I think you are simply confusing the idea of   fancy fonts and standard text fonts.  They are all treated the same way.  The thing you have to remember, PS  is NOT Word, that may seem to be obvious, but I have run into this problem as well.  When you    open a Word document, all of the various Justification modes, i.e. Right, Left, Center, et al are based on the center of the text frame. The text frame is contained on the your document page.  PS is different, it does NOT have Justification!  What you think is Justification is simply text alignment around the center of the text.  An Experiment, create a blank document, in the middle write a  long word, like “Christmas”.  Click on Right Align, then draw a vertical line that touches the right edge of the text.  Now click Left Align, Center Align. With Left Align, the line you drew will be touching the left hand side of your text.  With Center Align, the line you drew will be in the center of the text. To create a  paragraph, you will have to enter CRs yourself to format it. If you want it Right justified, you will have to move the text over yourself.


Now, if you want the text formatted in a certain way, do it in Word. Get the formatting just right, then do a screen shot and copy it to your document in PS. Crop it to just the text you want. As is it may be too small for your PS document.  You can either resize it in PS, and it does a good job, or go back to your Word document and increase the font size.  You may have to experiment with it a bit to get it just right.  I copied some text, pasted into PS.  Resized it, then used the Magic Wand to make a selection of the background, make sue “Contiguous” is unchecked so ALL the background will be selected. Invert the selection, then hit Ctrl-J to make a copy of the just the text on another layer.  I used levels to convert all of the text to black, when you copy it, and resize it, you will get some grey scale colors that you want to be black.




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I realized it's because it's artistic text. How does one add paragraph text? (Other than putting artistic text down and converting it to paragraph text) I can't find any instructions.

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My PS CS3 wont allow me to justify text. The options are there but
nothing happens. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?




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