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It comes from Painful experience J




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Advice well taken. Thanks.

Joann H


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I suppose that this means that your downloads were on the drive being replaced??  I would suggest you get a  small external drive to store all your downloads, that way you will have them to hand the next time you need to do this, or upgrade to a new computer.  We talk about backing up all our images, and forget that all the programs, apps that we download, especially the ones we buy, need to be backed up.  A lot of programs that we buy online have a time limit for downloading, it could be 30 days, or less,  or a year depending on the developer.  This is another reason why registering software is to important, if they allow further downloads, it will be only to those who are registered.






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OK, I have 5 from Topaz and Curvemeister. I'm pretty sure I can reinstall from their website. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Joann Head


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You may need to manually install any plug ins you were using previously



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I'm putting a new hard drive in my computer. I've deactivated PSCS 6. I also have Adobe CC. Do I need to do anything with that?

Joann Head




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