Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[photoshop-beginners] Technical question

I have had Photoshop CS6 for a few years but have never mastered it.  I am determined to do so now.  So I opened it for the first time in ages the other night only to find I have a problem.  Photoshop will close whenever I hit Open to open an images.  I can however bring an image in through Bridge.  So I did that and worked with no problems for maybe an hour and a half but when I went to Save As the finished project, PS froze.  The save window opened but as soon as I tried to select anything within the window such as change file folder or file type it would freeze.  In both cases my only recourse was to go to task manager and kill Photoshop and lose all my work.  Has anyone seen this and could they make a suggestion as to what I might do to fix it.

Please forgive me that my first question to the group is a computer question but I am dead in the water.




Posted by: rich.crowell1@gmail.com

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