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Re: [photoshop-beginners] best $25 I ever spent ... paid tutorial site

I suppose I am a stick-in-the-mud old-timer but I have learned to learn the techniques of photoshop then you can do many things that a specific tutorial don't teach.  Don't get me wrong ... tutorials are great and a time saver if the subject is what you need. When I got CS3 and then CS5 I also received the 'Classroom in a Book' with a CD. The books teach Layer, Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photos, Masking, Patching, Vector Drawing, and many other techniques that can be applied to the many forms of art encountered by different tastes and preferences. Once you know how to work with Masks and Channels (etc) you can apply it to most any project you undertake.
Another source of Tutorials is a magazine called Photoshop Creative.  The copy I was given has 256 tutorials on 9 X 11½ inch glossy pages. It also has the tutorials and resource files included on a CD attached to the back cover. the Cd also has about 2 dozen general photos on it.
Tutorials are great. Its like getting in the family car drivers seat for the first time and having dad teach you how to drive to Aunt Sadie's house two blocks away.... which is OK.... but Drivers ED will teach you the whole spectrum of driving... even on 4th & Vine at rush hour or I-10.

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There are so many tutorial sites out there and lots of the free ones are excellent but I ran across this paid site and thought I give it a try. It only has 26 tutorials and the price was $25 for a lifetime membership with more tutorials in the future.  I really hate falling into these pay site traps but something made me give this one a try. Maybe because I had an extra $25 and was going to blow it on beer anyway. So let me trade a Saturday of drinking and take a chance. Well the two tutorials I viewed so far are full videos with every step covered, They are tutorials of some pretty advanced projects and with all the steps shown to you it is a great learning experience to say the least. Not only that but you can apply what you see to your own artwork. I have to admit I am not disappointed. I can't believe the guy only want's $25. I don't know how long that price is good for. Here is the web page link.

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