Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[photoshop-beginners] best $25 I ever spent ... paid tutorial site

There are so many tutorial sites out there and lots of the free ones are excellent but I ran across this paid site and thought I give it a try. It only has 26 tutorials and the price was $25 for a lifetime membership with more tutorials in the future.  I really hate falling into these pay site traps but something made me give this one a try. Maybe because I had an extra $25 and was going to blow it on beer anyway. So let me trade a Saturday of drinking and take a chance. Well the two tutorials I viewed so far are full videos with every step covered, They are tutorials of some pretty advanced projects and with all the steps shown to you it is a great learning experience to say the least. Not only that but you can apply what you see to your own artwork. I have to admit I am not disappointed. I can't believe the guy only want's $25. I don't know how long that price is good for. Here is the web page link.

Learn Photo Editing dot Net

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