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Re: [photoshop-beginners] DIY Light Box

Thank you so much.

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if you're having trouble with the background ( the poster paper), maybe you should try a small piece of seamless paper. This usually comes in large rolls and used by photographers/studios as a backdrop, but if you know anybody who uses it, or any studio, they could very easily cut off a large piece for you to use. ( it's cheap by the roll, but very large)  This "seamless" paper, as it is called, is heavier and doesn't show creases that much, although you can fold it if you needed to.  This is excellent background paper and it just drapes wonderfully with a nice curve on the bottom.  If you try this, I'm sure you will have success!! Also, check B&H and Adorama as they might sell small rolls of this paper.  Good luck with your project!

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I made a DIY light box, and money has been wasted on different paper, poster board etc. while trying to fit it in the box.  It has been a bit frustrating.  I really wish I could show you a picture.  I really need help and suggestions.  I am trying to take pictures of some items I make and sell, but I can't even get past photographing them.  If anyone can help, I can email you a photo of what I am trying to do which is basically photograph a throw pillow with a white background. I will then put them online for sale. 

Here is a link to what I am trying to do.  I have made the box already, but when I insert the paper/poster board, it wrinkles or bends....sigh :(


Barbra Ann


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