Sunday, December 21, 2014

[photoshop-beginners] multiple images per page

OS is Win 7 SP1 all updates

Photo Shop CS6 CC

I'm zeroing in a new printer profile made with DataColor SpyderPRINT 4.2.5. The profile is close, but it needs small adjustments in brightness, contrast, and possibly saturation. I'd like to avoid printing an entire 8.5X11 sheet for each adjustment. I'd like to begin adjustments by printing a test image at 4X6 inch size, in one corner of an 8.5X11 inch sheet of photo paper. I want to print just that one image, make adjustments in the profile (or create a Photo Shop Action to apply), print the same image again in another corner of the paper, and so forth.

Can someone detail how this is done in Photo SHop? 

Here's what I've tried so far, without success:

I started out by resizing my test image to 4X6 and creating a new canvas at 8.5X11 size. Then I selected my image, pasted it onto the canvas, and used the Move tool to move it into the upper right corner. After that point, I'm stuck. I get the message that the image is too large for the paper, whether I select "portrait" or "landscape" orientation.

BIll Hansen


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