Thursday, July 31, 2014

RE: [photoshop-beginners] pale blue background

I know you may think this is dumb, but have you checked the background of your image to be sure it is not light blue? I know it sounds dumb, but light colors can be so light that with our eyesight we can think we are seeing white when it is actually slightly off color.  When print it, it then becomes obvious.  Check it with the eye dropper and see what the RGB numbers are.  They have to be 255 255 255 to be a pure white. If the blue is off just a little bit it will show up here even if you cannot see the difference.  IF the background is a little off white, then you can fix it by flooding the background with pure white.  Another way would be to make a selection of the background, invert it so you are selecting everything but the background.  Extract this foreground to a new layer. This will give you a layer where the background is transparent.




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I got an Epson  WP-4020 and I'm printing with Photoshop CS3. The prints come out with a pale blue background, in stead of white/no ink. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? How can I get rid of the pale blue background?


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