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Re: [Photoshop-beginners] Copying One of the answers.

I second the recommendation of PhotoShop CC.  I love it!


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It will work.  I love Windows  8.1 and MS is coming out next month with an upgrade called upgrade 1 for Windows 8.1.   It will make things look more like Windows 7 if a person wants that way.  Could recommend you upgrade to Photoshop CC.  It will amaze you if you are still using CS4.  Subscription rate is $10 US for Photoshop and Lightroom but I think this offer will end at the end of the Month. 
BTW, I have installed CS4 just to check to see if will work-it does.
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Subject: Re: [Photoshop-beginners] Copying One of the answers.
Joe, I'm considering upgrading to Windows 8.1. Will CS4 run on it?
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One nice thing about Windows 8 is if you hit the windows key plus the print screen key, a copy of the screen is automatically saved to your pictures/screen shot folders as a png file.  For windows 7 just hit the print screen key, open Photoshop, choose new.  this will open up a layer that is the exact size of your screen and then paste your screen shot to the new layer.
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Subject: [photoshop-beginners] Copying One of the answers.

Hi,I would like to copy an answer in photoshop beginners,I think I have to press the
PrtSc/SysRq butten,but do I press other buttons at the same time.Thanks
John in Lyneham UK


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