Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Re: [photoshopgroup] End of photoshopgroup?


Dear Bob
I am a longtime member, and I just want to take the time to thank you for moderating this group all of these years.  It was really helpful for me when I was first starting out with photoshop (3.0!). 
One of the main reasons I don't contribute much is because my photoshop is 5.5, and most questions are specific to the newer versions. 
Anyone know how to get 5.5 to work on a windows 7 64 bit?  heh.
Well, its back to work for me, deadlines and all.
God bless you silver bob ;)
hope you are enjoying the holidays,

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Hi Group,

This used to be a thriving group, but there have been less than 20 new members join in all of 2013 and activity is practically non-existent. It has become a group of lurkers. I can't believe that everyone knows everything and has nothing to share. I have owned this group for 10 years, and I admit that even my own participation has fallen off. I can no longer see any reason to keep the group alive.

So, in lieu of any overwhelming response to this post, the group will cease to exist in about a week.

Bob Silverstein
photoshop group owner/moderator

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