Friday, November 1, 2013

[photoshopgroup] File - !GroupRules


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You are not required to post in this group, but you will get the most out of
it by active participation.

As a member of this group, you are expected to abide by the rules detailed below.

1. NO use of profane or obscene language.
2. NO Off-Topic (OT) discussions. This group discusses Adobe Photoshop
tips/techniques, General Design and Art using Adobe Photoshop.
Anything discussed outside of that realm is considered Off-Topic.
If a discussion evolves into off-topic material, please take the
discussion off-list. SPAM will not be tolerated, and any violation
will result in immediate removal from this group.
3. Respect your fellow group members. No condescending or unprofessional
remarks at any person or their work.
4. When adding links, add them to the appropriate folder. Photoshop
links should be added to the root directory.
5. When adding image files, create a folder with your name and upload
to the Files area.
6. Trim your replies. When replying to a post, include only the most
relevant part of the previous message. Replies of replies of replies
can become extremely long.
7. Do not hijack someone else's thread. If you have a new subject or
question, then POST a new message with a new subject line.
8. This is not a forum for self-promotion! Please do not email the group
offering products and services without permission from the group owner
or moderator.
9. No warez trading or talk of it! This is not tolerated at all by us, and
talk of it will get you banned!
10. All posts will be in English.

Any violation of the above rules will be dealt with swiftly. Each and
every message that goes through this system is monitored. If you have
broken the rules you will be removed from the group, and in severe cases
Yahoo Groups will be notified if you have violated their terms of service

The moderator(s) may restrict membership and when appropriate, remove
members who post offensive material or demonstrate a disregard for the
objectives of this group or express disrespect of others' opinions and
sensitivities. While the group moderators like to encourage varied and
wide ranging discussion, they do reserve the right to reject or delete any
message, or terminate any topic without any explanation if, in their
opinion, the message or topic contains what the moderators consider
inappropriate material. The moderators' decision is final and abiding.

Bob Silverstein
Photoshopgroup owner/moderator

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