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RE: [photoshopgroup] RE: Scanning, image variation


I've always had good luck with Epson.  My best investment though was VueScan software.  http://www.hamrick.com/







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It's been a while since this topic, but my scanner has "gone South" since then. I am shopping for a new one and would like some suggestions on some 11" x 17" scanners for my Mac Mini running 10.6.8. In the past I've used Epson. Thanks.



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Welcome to the wonderful world of different monitor settings.
The bad news is that the issue may be with your client's monitor, not yours. Other than physically going to their monitor and calibrating it, there's not much you can do about it (as far as I know) other than telling them what they see on the monitor is not how it will appear in print and that they should trust you.
It could be the gamma settings or even something as simple as brightness levels that is causing them to see a harsher shadow than what is actually there.
Consult your monitor/system manual on how to calibrate your own monitor or do an internet search for calibration web sites. By making sure your own monitor is calibrated correctly, then you can speak to your customers from a place of knowing that what you're seeing is as close to the true image as possible.
Another issue (not mentioned in your post) is that real world colors often cannot be duplicated in the world of monitors (CMYK vs RGBA). So the color you see in your watercolors may look different once it's scanned into a computer image file.

Good luck!
Tim Oliver

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> Hi,
> I've been using Photoshop for a while now and while not an expert, I use it for my watercolor comps, scanning and sending to clients for approval. I only just recently had a project where it seems the customer was seeing something in his email that varied from mine...
> Jeff

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