Monday, December 3, 2012

Re: [photoshop-beginners] White bands

Tat, I went back to see where we got off track and turned negative.
U asked a question about watermarking
Nancy referenced a step by step link ( tracking & positive)
I explained about copyrights which is why you watermark. (Tracking & positive)
Liz referenced a site to check on photo theft (Tracking and Positive)
Lorna communicated the theft of her photos and advised a sure way to prevent it. (tracking and positive)
Skuldrinker advised of how undetected theft is done. (Tracking and positive)
You posted about negativity
Skulldrinker Again advised how to watermark photos.

Where is the off-track stuff and where is the negative stuff?
If you ask a question like how do I make a pot of coffee .... you are going to get opinions.
Indeed we are here to assist but we are not here to baby-sit.
This is a Yahoo group not a court of law. Opinions fly.

I'm off the soap box. There's other issues playing here besides opinions and alleged negativity.

Skulldude, crack me a beer.


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I did get very good feed back and I thanked those people. I just think if someone asks a question we need to help them out, that is what this group is supposed to be about. Helping each other. I didn't ask for opinions, especially negative ones. I know if you put your work out there, there is a HUGE possibility that it can be stolen. I had it happen to a friend. But all in all lets just keep our posts positive and on track. Thank you.
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From: Rijo
Date: 12/3/2012 10:30:22 AM
Subject: Re: [photoshop-beginners] White bands
You asked a question on a public base and got a very good answer with a reference instruction link.
Now we must chunk our freedom of speech into the trash?
The subject being discussed is relevant to your question.  I am not aware that a subject line is owned by any member of the group.
Do I detect a possession issue around Brownsville?
Be kool man ... we're not aiming anything at you.  Use your delete key.

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WOWZA!!!!!! I asked for a simple white band to put on my pictures and now I get feed back of not to post my picts, if I don't want them stolen, to just put them in a drawer.  I was asking a simple question if you can't answer it please do not respond with such negativity.

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