Monday, December 3, 2012

Re: [photoshop-beginners] How to make a white bar brush

How does one know if people "steal" your photographs unless you see them in use.
They will remove the watermark and use the photograph if they so desire but they are not going to tell you this.
You don't legally need a watermark or signature to copyright your work. When the shutter clicks, you have the copyright.
Keep the original photo with the Exchangeable Image File (ExIF) data intact, and you have your proof if legal action is ever needed. (Never use or send original photos to anyone with the ExIF date file imbedded)
I agree ... if you are proud of the work, sign it. You did the work and there's nothing wrong with you taking the credit for it. Imbed a hidden ID if you must ... but don't deface an excellent photograph because of your insecurities.
... of course, it's your photograph. You can deface it if you so desire.


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Yes I see a lot of photographers with a white almost trasparent band either at the bottom or middle of their picts to help protect from ppl stealing.

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