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RE: [Adobe_Photoshop_Techniques] Intro


Welcome to the group.

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According to the home page:

"If you are applying for membership, you must type in a reason as to
why you want to be a member, if you leave the reason for joining blank
you'll automatically be rejected."

I saw no place to do this on the registration page so, here it is:

My primary interest is photography. I am looking to expand my knowledge
in using photoshop to enhance my photographs and create compelling fine
art photographs and digital art. The few photoshop groups that I have
joined so far seem to be geared more towards scrapbooking, creating
vector type and graphic arts. I have learned from and enjoyed each group
that I am and have been a member of but, so far have not found one that
has really fulfilled my asperations. Hopefully I will find some new
techniques and helpful folks in this group and maybe I will be able to
contribute a little as well.


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