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[Adobe_Photoshop_Techniques] Re: Group Owner 9 hours of Photoshop CS5 training $10



You could also offer your online course at some
of the local adult evening schools near you to
stir up some local interest.

Most of these schools will listen to any reasonable
idea for a class.

But you probably would have to wait until next
winter now.

I'm thinking about putting together a 2-3 week
session on backyard birds to give people some
of the stuff I have noticed about different
kinds of birds in the last 2-3 years

Bill Zardus
Delware County, PA
I am changing the focus of this group above to people
who want back-yard bird feeding tips, since no other
yahoo group is doing that.

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"Neil F" <discipleneil777@...> wrote:
> I'm the owner of the group, as being such, Yahoo gives me the right to set my post as important, thus making group members aware of said post. I'm not sure that when you join a group if you can disable that or not, but if not, you always have the option of not joining groups. You also have the option of leaving this group if it bothers you.
> Now to call Photoshop training smut is odd to me. Is it because some of the parts has a female in a bikini? Perhaps you have issues with women showing skin? Not sure. I personally don't. BTW, the 9 hours of videos covers every aspect of Photoshop for comic artist, digital painting, concept artist, and photo editing. It's a ton of information for those that wish to be professionals. :)
> Last but not least, people that have taken the time to watch my training have learned more from it than they did in three years at art school. This is what they tell me at least.
> --- In Adobe_Photoshop_Techniques@yahoogroups.com, John Kervin <inkerca@> wrote:
> >
> > Niel F: I do NOT appreciate being spammed.
> > My belonging to a yahoo group is no license for you to flog your distasteful practices in public.
> > Nor do I wish to have pornographic materials pushed at me.
> >  
> > go away & leave me alone
> > if I wanted smut, I could get it without having to use photoshop for justification
> >  
> > From: Neil F <discipleneil777@>
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> > Subject: [Adobe_Photoshop_Techniques] Group Owner 9 hours of Photoshop CS5 training $10
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> >
> >  
> > Just go to my site http://ipaintgirls.com/photoshopbasics.htm
> >
> > Yup, a whole 9 hours of easy to understand videos for only $10.
> >
> >
> >
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